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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tips about traveling with Ryanair

if you want to travel with Ryanair you have to watch out mainly your portable things you carry. Each Person Is able to carry just one baggage of a maximum specific size and dimensions reported on the websites of Ryanair. You have to watch out not to have with you more things to carry and that includes woman bags, backpacks, laptop bags etc. if you even have them, when requested in the tickets control you should be able to pack all of them in in one single baggage.Also the maximum weight from all the thinks you are taking with your in the plane should not be weight more than 10 kg.

What to do if your personal baggage weight more than 10 kg?
If that happens and your belongings weight more than 10 kg you can pay the extra weight. Many people take out the last moment clothes and they are wetting them to reach their maximum weight.

If you buy a normal ticket with Ryanair then probably you don't have a specific seat number in the airplane reserved for can seat wherever and close to whoever you want, with the exception of the first class, and two or three particular rows with the sign reserved.

Drinks and food
the low-cost airline Ryanair because of having cheap airplane tickets , don't offer without cost drinks and have to buy them.if you feel thirsty even the water should be paid to have. At least many soft drinks are in cheaper price than the airport shops and cafeterias. Since the summer of 2013 there is also a promotion to have a red bull soft drink together with a Absolut vodka in reduced prize!

Internet site of Ryanair
buying a ticket from Ryanair airlines can be sometimes tricky.there are many questions to give an answer and many times you have to search for a long time to find the right answer with no extra cost.until you have booked your airplane ticket you should at least three times reply to the question about traveling insurance, one-time if you want to rent a car, One-time if you want to have a priority boarding, if you want to travel with extra Luggage, if you want to reserve a seat, if you want to buy travel suitcases, if you want to...(well I don't remember right now, book a hotel?) . Well it certainly takes more time than a other airline to book a ticket and you should check always if the ticket price along with your options is increasing.

Print the ticket
Ryanair as a true low-cost airline doesn't print the air ticket for you.if you haven't printed your ticket at home you probably have to pay extra to have your air ticket printed. That's great is important to have at least two times your ticket printed before you go to airport. In other airlines in the time of  check in order Luggage dropping I just have to do remember my reservations number or just to show my ID, passport and the airline service prints the ticket for me .

The cheapest cigarette prices in Europe

From the whole European Union seems that Estonia has the most cheaper cigarette prices  with only 2,3 euros in the known name cigarettes price category.After Estonia with a little more expensive prices follow Hungary and Lithuania with 2,4 euros pro-packet.the next two countries that are included in the top five of the European companies with the cheapest cigarettes prizes are Bulgaria and Romania with prices about 2,6 euros medium price in both countries.

Cigarette prices in Poland

Poland has in relation with the neighborhood countries like Germany more cheaper cigarette prices and specific about half the price.Marlboro, Lucky strike, Winston, Pall Mall are costing in the year 2013  about 12 schloty and that means about 2,8 euros.There are also more cheaper cigarettes but they don't have an nice taste and it appears that there production of them was not in good quality standards.when moving and traveling within European countries you can carry up to 400 cigarettes with you.Because Poland don't have euros you can change money in special exchange shops with the name Kantons near the highway crossroads. Many of these exchange shops are doing both and you can with ease pay in euros and buy cigarettes .

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Actual price of cigarettes in Germany

Germany has more expensive cigarettes prizes than the neighborhood countries like Poland, Austria, Luxembourg , Belgium, but slightly more cheaper prizes than France and Netherlands.A small pack of 19  cigarettes has the common price of 4,6 euros like  Winston, Camel , J&B, Next,Pall Mall.Marlboro and Davidoff cigarettes are more expensive than five euros.Here follows a little buying tip : if you go to a discount supermarket there are no name cigarettes with the cost of 3,9 until four euros

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Traveling to France with a car

If you are planning to travel to France with your Car like for example driving to Paris from England or Germany you should be aware that the highways of France have expensive Tolls to use them.if you use the local roads to travel then you have to organize a lot of free time because the local roads goes through many Villages and little cities´with many speed cameras and many slow tempo in many parts, because also there is a speed limit in every crossroads with other roads.

When you finally arrive to Paris you have to be prepared to face one of the more scariest traffic jams and drive attitude of the Paris citizens.also one thing to being said is that when you park your car in Paris you shouldn't use the handbrake and in the first gear ! Your car should not be immobile when it is parked. That's because in the France capital there are a lack of parking spaces and so if anyone wants to park have to push the other cars to make a place for his every one is used to collide his Car with the other's and if you have parked with your head break you are risking into find your car damaged.